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Sofi Tucker is an incredible woman who rose from the Phoenix, leaving behind an unforgettable legacy. In 1912 in Sierra Leone, Sofi Tucker a 19 years old widowed mother of 4 began selling Shea butter at a village market. Today, her homemade hair and skin preparations has become a global brand - SheaMoisture. Although she lived over a century ago, her legacy has been carried on by the passion and diligence of the Tucker family for four generations.

About The Competition

Nigeria has recently witnessed a boost of entrepreneurial spirit amongst young women. More Nigerian women are breaking glass ceilings with unconventional business ideas despite lack of funds and little or no support.

Every Nigerian woman has a little bit of the SheaMoisture spirit in her; the relentless spirit of Sofi Tucker. The “Finding Young Sofi Tucker” competition will showcase this spirit and reward its relentless zeal. We will empower young women who are holding on to their dreams despite adversities, letting them know that we believe in their journey and support their vision.

Requirements for eligibility are as follows:

  • Participant must be Female,resides in Nigeria and a Nigerian
  • Participant must have a clear business plan
  • Participant must possess an Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Participant must be between the ages of 16-35
  • Participant must have a convincing passion for the SME of choice
  • No educational qualification required
  • Each participant is to upload a copy of their business plan and cover letter on the microsite. Participants will be asked to post a video on why they are the Young Sofi Tucker on our microsite and both Facebook and Instagram tagging SheaMoisture Nigeria. These videos will be reposted on Instagram and uploaded on our Facebook page.

    After entries close the voting will become open. We want the public to vote for the top 10 entries. We will then choose the top 3 finalists from the Top ten. Competition prizes are as follows:

    Reward Plan

    • 1st runner up

      • SheaMoisture Products
    • 2nd runner up

      • SheaMoisture Products


    Kindly use the following steps to participate in "Finding Young Sofi Tucker" competition.

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